Abeo Cursu Longo

(Leavin' on a Jet Plane)

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Oh, my bags are packed.
I hesitate at your doorstep,
Wondering whether to wake you
Just to speak to you.
But at the turn of the tide,
My ship will sail again
On the south-west wind.

Therefore, kiss me.
Wait for me while I'm gone.
Hug me as if you'd smother me.
I'm leaving on a long journey.
I don't know when I'll come back,
And I don't want to go.

Many times I've chased skirts;
I've often committed adultery.
You ought to know that that doesn't matter.
I will think of you always,
And wherever I am you will be.
When I return, I'll sing for joy.


Hush, girl, don't cry.
Give me a final kiss.
I must rise and go.
Wait for the happy day
When I won't go away again,
And never again will you hear me say these words:


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