Se Dedit Flamini

(Blowin' in the Wind)

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How many roads must a person follow
Before he becomes a grown-up?
Yes, and how many seas must a dove sail
Before she may rest from labor?
Yes, and how many arrows must fly from the citadels
Before there will be eternal peace?

Chorus: The answer, friends,
Is blowing in the wind.
The answer is blowing in the wind.

How often shall a person look up
Before learning about the sky?
Yes, and how often shall a person listen closely
Before learning about tears?
Yes, and how often shall one person murder another
Before we learn about life?


How long can mountains endure
Until the wind wears them away?
Yes, and how long can a person endure
Before he dies beneath the chaplet?
Yes, and how long can a person turn away
And pretend that he doesn't see?


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