Septem Angeli

(Seven Spanish Angels)

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At length, he looks at her.
He says, "Pray to God for me."
She answers,
"Now God will keep us free."

The riders were approaching.
He says, "Last battle.
If they drag me back to Texas,
I will have met my death.


At the altar of the sun
Angels were praying for the lovers.
They were praying for the lovers
In the besieged box canyon.

When the fighting stops,
There is thunder from the Throne.
Seven angels lead
Another spirit to the heavens.

She seizes the bow with her hand
From the left hand of the dead man.
She says, "God, forgive me;
I can't live now."

She knows the quiver is empty,
And that it's not possible to win.
Her final prayers are granted
When the arrows fly again.

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