Outside Over There: links of interest to outsiders

She went backwards out her window
Into Outside-Over-There....
-- Maurice Sendak

N.B. None of these links have been checked since April 2017. Some of them may no longer work..

Some Students Live on the Edge -- Article by Rebecca Catalanello in the Charleston (WV) Daily Mail.

Nerd-Misfit Resources by Bill Beaty. -- A list of useful links for nerds and geeks.

School Survival Guide, by SoulRiser -- A site for everyone who is or was ever trapped in school.

Why Nerds Are Unpopular -- Article by Paul Graham.

Why It's Good to Be a High School Loser -- Article by Adele Melander-Dayton for Salon.

Sports Daze: Memories of PE -- BBC feature about having to endure physical education classes, with comments from readers.

Want to Beat Back the Bullies? Embrace Your Nerd-Dom -- Article by Leslie Gray Streeter for the Palm Beach Post.

An Apple a Day: Bullying and Steve Jobs -- Article by Kimberly Williams for the Huffington Post.

Stronger -- Teenaged Megan Landry's YouTube music video uses images of bullying at school.

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