In elenrety i was teased because I failed primary and was in resorce. It was hard to face school because I knew they would make fun of me and I would have to hid the tears for another day.

When I failed primary, these guys would bug me and try to beat me up but I would run from the school to home so I wouldn't be beaten up. As soon as I got home I would hide in my room,turn on the tv or steroe and would cry. I did this everyday I came home from school and my parents didn't know what was happening.

In grade five or six I wanted to kill myself and by that point I would lissen to loud depressing music in the basement and cry while I tried to do my homework. My mother caught me crying one time and I finally told her what was happening at school. My mother called the school and told them what was happening when the teacher wasn't in the room and also said what I would do when I got home.

The school did nothing all they did was talk to the class about leaving me alone and don't tease me no more. It didn't work,the teasing became worse and whenever the people saw me outside of school they would say something like "hey loser when are you getting new cloth" and would crack up laughing. I would go home and cry again.

When I would go into town with my parents,if anyone from my school saw me with them they would bug me about it in school,they say something like "so have fun with your parents this weekend oh sorry we mean friends" or something else like "did you have fun with your friends oh sorry I forgot you don't have and friends". It killed me to hear this when I faced school.

At recesses I would fake sick to stay inside the school and hide from everyone. People would write cruel things on the board about me. But the faking sick didn't work I still had to face the class.

When juniour high started I wasn't teased no more but I would have flashbacks from elementry and I would hear the laughing the coments and see the smiles going through my head. I would cry myself to sleep and have dreams about elementry. I would think about sucide all the time.

I went to a counceller to help me recover from the memories,the councelling worked and he saved my life,convinced me how important my life really is. In health my teacher was reading us a novel about a girl who was teased a lot and because she was different from everyone else. The memories came back and I went to the counceller. At the end of grade seven I was over elementry and the teasing. I thanked the counceller for saving my life.

To this day I still remember eveer little thing that was said to me and can still hear the laughs but it doesn't bother me anymore. I was teased phycoligaly and i'm scared from it but can deal with it. To this day I hate the people that teased me nad don't want anything to do with them.

When school's say there going to do something about a problem the chances are very slim. Take my advise I learned the hard way.

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