I believe I enjoyed school for two years, kindergarten and 1st grade. After that thing started going down hill. I switched schools in 2nd grade which was hard enough, but I was also immediately labelled "different". I had pimples already, unusual but true. This has been and continues to be the torment of my life.

My 6th grade year I missed 14.5 days of school out of fear of being teased. In 8th grade a group of my male "peers" began leaving Clean & Clear bottles on my desk. This year, 11th grade, I have been given a nickname that I'm sure was meant to be derogatory however is exaggerated. The preps at my school, girls especially call me "basketball chest".The guys just watch me walk down the hall, and their not looking at my face.

Besides this bright news I suffer from untreated depression and lack of self-confidence mostly I figure from forementioned years of teasing. I am afraid of expressing any "weak" emotions, which makes me keep everything inside until I periodically break down and cry. I only have two rules everyday at school, don't show any weakness and never let them see you cry. This is wrong, no one should have to go through this, but how do you prevent it when there is no proof?

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