I moved a lot growing up but was never teased, that is until I moved and started junior high school. It mostly happened on the bus and I dreaded it daily. I had gum thrown in my hair, hit, kicked, etc. On the last day of school (8th grade) the bully called me fat. I was 120 pounds (5'8") I believed her and spent the rest of the summer starving myself. It was the only part of my life I could control. I started high school late due to being ill from being 86 pounds.

Once I got back into the swing of things, I was no longer the kid who got bullied. I don't know how it happened (although I think it had something to do with who I was dating) but I was glad. I spent the remainder of my high school years being the popular one. Even though I only endured 2 years of the hell, it was enough to affect me to this very day (24 years after junior high).

In high school I stood up for every child that I witnessed being picked on. There were a few kids that were picked on the most. I never just stood by and let it happen. One day I went to one of the school administrators and told her what was happening to a boy that had his locker near mine. Kids were shoving his head against the locker every chance they got. He eventually stopped going to his locker and started carrying his book in a paper grocery bag. Do you think the administrator helped? Nope. She actually said to me, "maybe the kids wouldn't pick on him so much if he wasn't so weird."

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