Lighting the Way: parents' and bystanders' stories

Do you hear the children weeping, and disproving --
O my brothers! -- what you preach?
For God's possible is shown by His world's loving,
And the children doubt of each.
-- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Parents' Stories

Harassment, from a Parent's View by a Mom
-- "[S]he would come home in tears....I told her to ignore it.... Finally in eighth grade, I had heard enough...."
N.B. The daughter of the Mom above has contributed her own account of her experiences, Sarah's Story, to Raven Days' Words Out of Shadow.

Lisa Blackwell's Story by >Lisa Blackwell
-- "I have gone through all the proper channels to correct the problem, but... my son has only suffered more torment each time I have attempted to intervene...."

Sharon Wilson's Story by Sharon Wilson
-- "Frank was attacked from behind one day, pushed down then before he could get up his attacker kicked him in the face. His nose was broken...."

Witnesses' Stories

Anna's Story by Anna -- "What hurts most is watching them go at others. It's not so much that they outright say it. It's not as bad as these others schools. But sitting by yourself is painful...."

For stories from people who are or were outsiders in school themselves, see Raven Days' Words Out of Shadow.

['Ozy and Millie' comic strip
about bullying]

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